We skateboard.

And make skateboard stuff.


Seriously though, Ratchet was formed because a life long love of skateboarding that was found when I saw some older dudes riding a ledge in front of my house. Skateboarding for me has always been about the fun of searching and seeing where it can bring you, and remembering where it has brought you. We keep the true grit of skateboarding as the focus, and the brotherhood only skateboarders know. You know who you are. The one who views your world differently. The one who is always looking at the streets, like a kid looks at a playground. Looking for that spot that most people just see as everday common public space. For the DIY minded. The freedom of doing whatever you feel, while the pavement passes under you. Stay on and get some,

The Ratchet Team.

Coming to a park near you:


Dylan Dragotta

Mike Mooney